This project is my effort to reassemble my hope by interviewing people about why they act in this world. It's my dream that this display of everyday people and their motivations can inspire other seekers to re-find their spark, and prompt those who are already ignited to pause and reflect on what gives them hope. 

So find a seat and explore what keeps everyday superheroes going. Happy reading!


David Noble

"The Good and Honest Service of Others"

Simon Ngawhika

"Disruption for good"

Sarah Andrews

"Faith. Being. Future."


"Mindset. Strategy. Execution."

Chelsea Maricle

"My Mother's infinite love and joy"

Matt Lurie

"Learning. Love. Fun. And a big ol' question mark."

Byron Go

"You do. Every. Beautiful. Soul."

Heather Holmes

"Knowledge is power"

Nicole Richards

"The Beauty of People"

Rick Clemons

"Courage, confidence, and commitment"

Gloria Adeboi

“There is goodness in every person”

Gary Hirsch

“Youth hasn’t given up”

Chris Reining

"Love. Humility. Action."

Elizabeth Ewing

"Hope, Faith & Love"

Stephanie Carlin

"Compassion & Generosity"