Gloria Adeboi

“There is goodness in every person”

Why do you act in this world?

I act because I care about people. I am generally curious and inquisitive, and a problem solver. I get my energy from people.

That is why I think I act in this world, and I always get energy from other people; generally people that have a spark or a genuine interest: I definitely gravitate towards those types of people.


Why do you think that you make a difference?

I like to solve problems and I was once told that the key to happiness is the ability to solve problems. Life is not the absence of problems: life is about the ability to be able to deal with them.


What gives you hope?

Kindness, love, authenticity and genuineness give me hope. I believe every person is good—innately good. And has good intentions, and I would say that that gives me hope.

There are a lot of bad things that happen in this world: a lot of what we see in the news, a lot of people do harm to other people. Lots of people think there is a lot of negative in the world, but I generally think that if somebody has done something wrong, it is because they were wronged first. I think, you have to show a life time of repetition of doing good. And if somebody does bad to you, you have to be a bigger person and do good.


If you were to condense what gives you hope in to three words or a short sentence, what would it be?

I believe every person is good. I believe we were created to be good.


So my last question.  When I have a sad Sunday and don’t know what to do, if you could make me do one thing, what would I do?

Let the energy flow.

If you feel sad, then let it pour out of you, ‘cause it is not good to hold those negatives feelings in.

If you feel sad, then release that negative energy, to make room for the good to flow in.

How would I do that, what action could I take?

Cry, go into a dark room, silence. Journaling. Sometimes you will cycle those feelings in your brain over and over and over, and you are going to be your worst enemy. If anybody is going to beat themselves up, it is going to be you and so it is really good to just pour out that energy.

Somebody once told me that it is really important to target what the issues are, how you are feeling. Define strategy to be able to identify how you can get around it, and the last part is to implement. 

So target, define strategies, and then you got to implement it.


Thank you.