Stephanie Carlin

"Compassion & Generosity"

Why do you act in this world?

I act because I see my own power. I act because I see that other people don’t see their own power. And I have a gift where I can really see where a person wants to be in their life. And I can treat them as if they are already that thing. By doing that I give space and life to that thing and I make it possible. And that is one of my greatest gifts as a teacher. I do it in my life every day and to see the impact it has on someone else, how it transform their life. It has really shown me that anything is possible for anyone and everything.

What makes you think that you make a difference?

The clearest place I see this is in my work with children. And I know that I make a difference because children come to me believing that they cannot do things and walk away believing that they can do that thing. That is the most tangible difference that I could ever want to make, and I do make it.

What gives you hope?

To me hope is best replaced with the word possibility. I enjoy the word possibility and what that creates more than hope, because in hope there is an option for failure. I would rather live into the possibilities that I generate for myself, rather than the hope that it will just work out because of other people. When I generate possibility for myself, like the possibility of peace. It leaves me feeling touched, moved and inspired to create that peace for myself and others. And there is something about hope for me that just says “I am waiting for other people. Gee, I hope it happens. Gee, I hope it works out.” And that removes me from the action of being it, and living it, and doing it, and spreading it out to other people. And so for that reason hope for me is not the most authentic word I can use.

Interesting. To me, if I don’t have hope I have no need to act.

That is so interesting, it is such an interesting word isn’t it. I think people use it in some many different contexts.

Like the context I am coming from is, if I don’t have hope that humanity will be able to address climate change, there is no need for me to try and do it. Cause if I don’t hope it can happen.

And it sounds like we are saying the exact same thing, I am just using different words for it.

My next question is, If you can condense what gives you hope or possibilities down to three words or a short sentence what would it be?

There are so many things I can say. In one sentence I want to say “Compassion and Generosity” And in another phrase I just want to say “I wish that all beings be happy and free.” That is a very famous sanskrit mantra, “Lokah Samastah So Kihno Bhaviantu” May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

My last question, when I have a sad Sunday and don’t know what to do, if you could make me do one thing, what would it be?

I would make you sit in front of the mirror. Put a timer on for 5 minutes and I would make you look at yourself and repeat “I am strong and I am powerful.” Five minutes is a really long time, so I would sit there with my arms crossed and make you do it till the timer rang.

Thank you!