Sarah Andrews

"Faith. Being. Future."

I met Sarah Andrews at the World Domination Summit. She is a soul charmer and use coaching and energy work to help people connect with their souls and really live their life. Living in both California and New York, being a left-brain and a light-bringer she lives a life spanning seemingly opposite realms. I got the opportunity to interview her at the end of a long day packed with inspiring people and lectures. Sarah is currently doing January vulnerability challenge. You can learn more about that on her facebook wall.


Why do you act in this world?

I act to connect people to both themselves and each other, because if people are living in a way that is connected to themselves first, to their soul, to what really matters; Then the world would be transformed, everybody would be living more fulfilled lives. There would be more creativity, productivity and peace in the world, and it would just be more fun and interesting. [laughter]


What makes you think you make a difference?

I see it in my clients. I see how their lives are changing. They thank me, which is amazing when that happens. And even if they don’t; just to see what is happening for them, and bear witness to and be with them along the ride, you know. I am not making these changes in their lives; they are, but I am there to kind of witness it, which is amazing.

When you serve somebody powerfully, even if you don’t see any results, you just kind of know on some level that something is happening. Because within a session, nothing will necessarily show me that something is happening, but then they go off later and have some form of transformation that I don’t know about, so there is an element of trust in that.


What gives you hope for the future?

Hmmmm… Faith in myself, although that falters sometimes, so I guess… I don’t know. I can really only think about it this way: when I lose hope, I go back to my spiritual connection. If I don’t have hope, then I know that is missing. So I always need to go back to cultivating that, in order to have hope again.

And also being inspired by people here and seeing what they are doing in the world. Seeing all the possibilities from what other people are doing. That definitely gives me hope.


If you were to condense what gives you hope into three words or a very, very short sentence, what would it be?

Oh my god. I am not very good at being concise off the cuff. Three words… Three words… I guess the first three that comes to mind is being… faith… and future.

Sort of like the elements of hope to me.

Can you explain being a bit?

Yeah, I think in order to really be connected to hope you have to ‘be.’ It comes from a place of ‘being,’ not from ‘doing’ more. Essentially, they go together. But I think the part that is often missing from a lot of people is the ‘being’ side. It is a partnership where ‘being’ is more something I have to focus on, where the ‘doing’ is something I more naturally… do.

The ‘being’ has to be more conscious. And I feel like, if you don’t have the ‘being’ then it is easy to lose track of hope, because you are ‘doing’ without a foundation. And you can have hope in just ‘being’ and not ‘doing,’ but it doesn’t really get you anywhere you know. It would probably vain after a time if you are not ‘doing’ anything with it.


My last question is: Sometimes I get what I call sad Sundays and don’t know what to do, what difference it makes, I am just confused, if you could make me do one thing on a Sad Sunday, what would you make me do?

I probably wouldn’t make you ‘do’ anything; I would have you ‘be’ in it.

When I get that way, I know it is a signal that I just need to ‘be’ in it and let that feeling do its process. Instead of ‘doing’ something to distract myself, because that is just going to repress it. So I sit in it, I even talk to it, figure out what it wants to tell me, and often when I let it do its thing and I process it, then I get a creative breakthrough afterwards. Or at least I feel cleansed.

How do you deal with the pain of being in it?

You just do, I mean it sucks. I guess sometimes I reach out to friends if I really need to, but a lot of times… I think in me I would probably benefit for reaching out more often that I do, because most of the time I just sit in it and I meditate and just be with it. Do like journaling exercises to figure out what it is about. It is an opportunity for connection and I think that is where my growth edge is.


Thank you so much.


To see more about Sarah Andrews visit where you can read more about her work, methods and so forth.